Real Talk about a Real Epidemic: Heroin & other Opiates

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KyHRC partnered with Operation: PARENT to provide a webinar training on heroin and other opiates: Real Talk about a Real Epidemic (click to hear webinar).

“Operation: PARENT is a non-profit organization dedicated to parents and caregivers of teens and preteens without regard to race, religion or ethnic origin. Our mission is to provide ongoing education, support and hope to those raising teens and preteens in today’s culture.  We fulfill our mission by focusing on 40+ “social issues” that, if  left unaddressed, have the potential to cause parents and their teens to disconnect.”

 Real Talk about a Real Epidemic, Heroin, and other Opiates.

The topic of opioid use was discussed and focused on how prescription pain pills can lead to heroin use. Discussion included:

• Recognizing signs and symptoms
• Usage trends
• Types of opioids
• What do I do if my child is using?
• What do I do if my child overdoses?
• Wide variety of Resources
• Where to go for help

Please feel free to pass along to a parent who may benefit from the webinar.



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