KyHRC Naloxone Train the Trainer Class
March 18 @ 2:00 pm – 6:30 pm


KyHRC will be providing a “Train the Trainer” Class for those interested in learning how to become a trainer with the KyHRC or an individual trainer in your community.

Learning Objectives:

At the completion of the training, the participant will be able to:

  1. Teach others to recognize, respond to, and reverse an opiate overdose with Naloxone/Narcan;
  2. Explain epidemiology of opioid addiction and overdose;
  3. List indications for use of Naloxone in an emergent overdose situation;
  4. Identify the difference between an opioid overdose versus being “high”;
  5. Discuss SB 192 and associated third party dispensing under standing orders of qualified healthcare provider (Naloxone and Good Samaritan Law in Ky);
  6. Review necessary documentation: signed standing orders by qualified healthcare professional, training forms, naloxone logs;
  7. Be familiar with KyHRC policies and procedures regarding training, dispensing, reimbursement for gas mileage, volunteer status;
  8. Successfully complete a skills checklist and teaching return demonstration.

Two types of trainees: Professional & Individual:

1. Professional (degreed): A KyHRC Trainer;

2. Professional (degreed): Train as Professional in your Community, not under KyHRC;

3. Individual: A KyHRC Trainer;

4. Individual: Train in Your Community, not under KyHRC:

  • Professional and/or degreed with KyHRC; Must be degreed: teach peers & other professionals, conferences, professional agencies, & community;
  • Professional and/or degreed, not under KyHRC; Go back to your community and train, coordinate your own trainings with professional peers, agencies, and others to educate your community about Naloxone.;
  • Individual Community Trainer with KyHRC: Able to be a trainer with KyHRC: Qualified to teach in a setting such as the Syringe Exchange Program, sober houses, homeless shelters, halfway three quarter houses, and other non professional community settings.
  • Individual in your Community, not under KyHRC: Go back to your community and train; coordinate your own trainings & distribution; collaborate with leaders, organizations, and others to educate your community about Naloxone.

Trainee for KyHRC: Professional (degreed) or Individual (non degreed):

  • Those interested in becoming a trainer for the KyHRC will go through a skills checklist and vetting process.
  • The signed volunteer memorandum of agreement will be for one year, with renewal every year.
  • Once successful training and vetting is completed, participants will receive a KyHRC Naloxone Certification Card.
  • *Before being able to officially train with the KyHRC, must schedule yourself at one KyHRC community SEP or other scheduled community event and be checked off by a KyHRC representative. Once you have completed this aspect of vetting, you can begin to schedule yourself at KyHRC training venues;
  • *Certification expires in one year. **Yearly renewal class.

Trainee: Individual in Your Community:

Go back to your community and begin offering Naloxone trainings, possibly in collaboration with your community leaders such as health departments, civic, church, and other community leaders.
Once successful training is completed, and skills checklist completed, participants will receive a KyHRC Naloxone Certification Card. *Certification expires in one year. **Yearly renewal class.



The Beacon House

963 S 2nd Street